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OneUp EDC Pump 100cc

OneUp EDC Pump 100cc

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The EDC Pump is a compact, high-volume pump designed to carry our EDC Tool System + our Pliers & Plug Kit. Its hollow design and CNC aluminum construction make it ultralight and durable. Never get stuck on the trail without a pump!

A Mobile Toolbox.

The 100cc EDC Pump’s hollow body is designed to store the 20-function EDC V2 Tool and Plug & Plier Kit inside. With the EDC Pump you’ll have all the tools all the time.

Compact & Lightweight.

At 100cc and 160g, the EDC Pump has the highest volume to weight ratio of any pump on the market. The larger volume is great for extra storage and higher pressures. Toss it in your pack and hit the trails or the backroads.

Easy-On Pump Head

Push it on, pump it up, pull it off. Our pump head supports the valve stem to avoid bending, breaking or unseating the valve. Plus, no threading means no chance of unscrewing your valve core when you remove the pump.

Product Specs

  • Material: 6061-T6
  • Weight: 160g - 100cc (without EDC tool system)
  • Colour: Black 
  • Volume: 100cc (70cc also available)
  • Size: 32mm dia x 254mm
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